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Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman Still Working On Contract Extension

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Ryan Zimmerman wanted to finish his contract extension negotiations with the Washington Nationals this morning whether both sides could agree to a long-term deal or not. The two sides failed to have an agreement in place by the deadline, but they agreed there was enough movement to extend it and keep working for the rest of today, reports Amanda Comak of the Washington Times.

"Today is the day," Zimmerman said. "It's either going to get done, or it's not going to get done. Both sides are working to get over the last little couple of hurdles. We're both trying to get creative. (Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo) and Brodie are talking now. It'll be done, either yes or no, today. We'll have closure either way."

Among the "last little couple of hurdles" is believes to be a no-trade clause for Zimmerman. The 27-year-old third baseman is willing to sign a team-friendly deal, but he wants to make sure he'll be with the team after signing it.