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Jason Varitek To Retire

According to Pete Abe of the Boston Globe, long time catcher and captain of the Boston Red Sox, Jason Varitek, will announce his retirement on Thursday in Fort Meyers. While his playing days are over, it is believed Varitek will remain with the club in another role.

Varitek, 39, played in over 14 seasons at the major league level and they were all with the Boston Red Sox. He did well, earning over $67 million in those 14 seasons with the Red Sox. In his career, the now 39-year-old hit .256/.341/.435 with 193 home runs and played in over 1500 games with the club. The backstop made three All-Star games in his career, but the pair of World Series rings will certainly be more memorable.

As Pete Abe notes, Varitek retires as one of the longest tenured lifetime Red Sox. Only Carl Yastrzemski (23 seasons), Ted Williams (19) and Jim Rice (16) had longer tenures with the Red Sox without playing for another team.