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Scott Sizemore To Miss 2012 Season

MLB's Jane Lee tweeted tonight that Oakland Atheltic 3B Scott Sizemore is out for the entire 2012 season with a torn ACL. At the major league level last year, Sizemore hit .245/.342/.399 in 110 games for the Tigers and the Athletics. Sizemore was traded to Oakland last season for pitcher David Purcey.

The Athletics are most likely to use prospect Josh Donaldson at Third Base this season as an internal replacement. This injury is very disappointing for the 27 year old as he has just began to spend time at the big league level and was slated to be the opening day starter out in Oakland.

There are not many external trade options for the Athletics at this time since the only foreseeable options on the trade market would be a rental of a dismal Chone Figgins from Seattle or a salary dump for David Wright to the Mets for prospects the Athletics would not be willing to part ways with.