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Chicago Cubs, Matt Garza agree to 1-Year, $9.5M Deal

The Chicago Cubs have signed Matt Garza to a 1-year, $9.5 million contract with bonuses, according to his agency, CAA Baseball. Garza and the Cubs thus avoid arbitration. Garza had filed for $10.225 million while the team offered $7.95 million -- so the agreed upon $9.5 is just over the halfway point.

The question remaining in the minds of Cubs fans (and every other team that could use an ace) is, "what's this mean for Garza's trade market?" The quick answer is that $9.5M is a better number than $10M, but not much. Whichever team trades for him (if it happens) will likely have to give up both prospects, go through arbitration with him again in 2013, and then deal with signing Garza to a long contract in 2014.

Bruce Levine of ESPN notes that GM Theo Epstein has confirmed that he's spoken with "numerous" clubs about Garza's availability.