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Yankees Weekend Update: Pineda, Ibanez, Teixeira, Whelan, Hendry

The New York Yankees had several stories around them this week, namely the Jim Hendry as a Special Assistant hiring and Joe Girardi dropping the "I want a DH too" bomb. Here's some of what we covered over the past few days on the Yankees and a couple new additions:

Michael Pineda by the Numbers - Pinstripe Alley
Strikeouts are undoubtedly where Michael Pineda excels the most. He bested league average in both strikeout percentage and strike percentage last season, and has had very impressive K/9 ratios throughout his career. Pineda finished sixth in baseball in strike percentage, and had the 3rd best strikeout rate among starters in 2011, behind only Brandon Morrow and Justin Verlander. Having the ability to miss bats is an invaluable asset for pitchers, especially ones that tend to be more fly ball prone, and all the numbers indicate that Pineda has that ability.

  • New York Yankees Notes: Girardi, Ibanez, Matsui - MLB Daily Dish
    Bryan Hoch from is reporting that New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi is hoping to add one more bat to the lineup in 2012. Girardi said that he would like to add a left handed bat, and openly mentions Johnny Damon, Raul Ibanez and Hideki Matsui.

Sure, Mark Teixeira Can Bunt ... But Will He? - Baseball Nation
While one hit a week might not sound like much, it really does add up; just ask Crash Davis. Teixeira batted just .248 last season. The baseball season is roughly 26 weeks long. If Teixeira had picked up 26 extra hits last season, he would have batted .292, which coincidentally or not is almost exactly the same as his career batting average before these last two seasons, in which he's batted just .252. Is the shift to blame for Teixeira's incredible shrinking batting average?