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Cardinals, Alex Cora to Sign Minor League Deal

The St. Louis Cardinals are close to signing Alex Cora to a minor league deal, according to Jesse Sanchez of Terms of the deal are not yet known.

Cora, 36, is a 14-year veteran with stints on six different clubs including the Dodgers for seven years and Boston for four. He's a career .243 / .310 / .338 hitter, but don't get too excited! That average has been dropping as he's hit just .210 and .224 over the last two seasons.

If you're into player value, sabermetrics, or you have a pulse, note that Cora is more or less the definition of a replacement player -- he's just had a long career doing exactly that. While he has hurt his career value over the past few seasons, he is still right around 1 win above replacement for his career. He just made $15 million over his career doing it, that's all.

Alex Cora nearing Minor League deal with Cardinals | News
"Originally selected by the Dodgers in the third round of the 1996 First-Year Player Draft, Cora spent seven years with Los Angeles. The utility infielder has a career batting average of .243 in 1,273 games during 14 Major League seasons and has also played for the Indians, Mets, Red Sox and Rangers."