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Cardinals Sign Alex Cora to Minor League Deal

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The St. Louis Cardinals have signed infielder Alex Cora to a minor league deal, according to Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jesse Sanchez of reported the two sides were close on Saturday.

Goold notes that Cora gives the club a bit of depth at middle infielder and could compete for a utility spot on the roster:

  • Cardinals sign veteran infielder Alex Cora - Derrick Goold | St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    "The Cardinals had been looking for a veteran to put alongside Tyler Greene and Daniel Descalso at spring training this winter. Both will be competing for playing time at second base, with Greene also looking to seize a role on the bench as a backup to starting shortstop Rafael Furcal."
  • Cardinals, Alex Cora to Sign Minor League Deal - MLB Daily Dish
    If you're into player value, sabermetrics, or you have a pulse, note that Cora is more or less the definition of a replacement player -- he's just had a long career doing exactly that. While he has hurt his career value over the past few seasons, he is still right around 1 win above replacement for his career. He just made $15 million over his career doing it, that's all.