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Roy Oswalt Rumors: No Traction With Red Sox, Reds Pursuing

Last night we learned via Ken Rosenthal that the Cincinnati Reds are definitely pursuing Roy Oswalt but salary would have to be moved (likely in the form of Homer Bailey) in order to make room for him. This comes despite the rumor that Oswalt would prefer to pitch in St. Louis or Texas, but neither team could match Oswalt's salary needs of $10 million while creating a spot for him on the roster. As the Beatles said on their best album, The Chronic, you can't always get what you want.

This morning we're learning from Rob Bradford something we kinda-already-sorta knew, and that's that there's really nothin' comin' with the Red Sox:

  • Source: 'No traction' in Red Sox, Oswalt fit - Rob Bradford | WEEI
    According to a major league source, there is 'no traction' in talks between the Red Sox and free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt. While there always remains a possibility the two sides could come to an agreement, such a scenario doesn't seem likely at this point.
  • Reds Pursuing Roy Oswalt (Still) - MLB Daily Dish
    Rosenthal's report follows speculation that the Texas Rangers were unlikely to sign Oswalt unless/until they move someone, as well as rumors that talks with the Cardinals had stalled. Rosenthal also echoes a report from John Fay earlier today in which Fay speculates that Homer Bailey would be a likely trade target moved to make financial room for Oswalt..