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Red Sox Sign Australian Daniel McGrath

The Boston Red Sox have signed top Australian propect Daniel McGrath, according to Rob Bradford of WEEI, originally reported by @sonsofsamhorn. McGrath is a 17-year-old pitcher is reportedly deciding between attending college in the United States -- or signing a professional contract:

Red Sox sign top Australian prospect Daniel McGrath - Sons of Sam Horn
"MELBOURNE Aces manager and international scout Phil Dale believes 17-year-old Doncaster pitcher Daniel McGrath is the next on the radar to head to the US after fielding a swag of major league contracts. The explosive young talent - who made his debut on the Aces' roster last season - is choosing between going to college in the US and signing a professional contract. But it appears certain that he will join the more experienced Aces pitcher Shane Lindsay - who signed with the LA Dodgers last week - to head to the US at the completion of the Aces' season."