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Yankees Sign Russel Branyan to Minor League Deal

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The New York Yankees have signed Russel Branyan to a minor league deal, according to Jon Heyman of

Branyan, a 36-year-old corner infielder/outfielder is a 14-year vet and has always been a low average, high-power guy -- he has a career line that reads like an Adam Dunn fan's wet dream: .232 / .329 / .485. He's managed to scrape together around 11 wins above replacement over those 14 seasons, mostly on the back of that power.

Marc Craig of the Star-Ledger notes that the Branyan deal is indeed a minor league one and won't hurt the team since there's little risk. Further, the deal should have no impact on pursuing "Chavez, Matsui, Damon, Ibanez, etc."