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Reds Notes: Roy Oswalt, Brandon Phillips, Walt Jocketty

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Recent rumors surrounding the Reds interest in Roy Oswalt are just drummed up nonsense by "the media," according to Walt Jocketty (via John Fay). Ken Rosenthal had reported just the other day that the Reds were still interested in possibly acquiring Oswalt, and in what sounds like a sincere denial, Jocketty is essentially saying "bullshit."

BS or no, Oswalt's market is looking increasingly slim. Rangers can't because they can't/won't move Uehara, Cardinals can't because they don't have a place for him, the Red Sox low-balled him, there was no traction with the Phillies, and the Reds don't look like they'll be able to move payroll to make room for him. And didn't Oswalt say "no thanks" to the Pirates?

In the periphery we have a possible Brandon Phillips extension still on the back-burner, but Red Reporter says it should have happened already if it was going to:

  • Thoughts on Roy O. - John Fay | Cincinnati Reds
    "'It’s all rumors,' he said. 'I’m sick and tired of it. We’ve had no serious talks. We’ve had no contact with the player.' You know it’s a buyers’ market for starting pitching when it’s less than two weeks from the start of spring training and Roy Oswalt is looking for a job, especially when Oswalt is willing to take a one-year deal for below market value."
  • Phillips Extension Still to be Addressed - Mark Sheldon |
    "On another topic — the Reds are no closer to an extension with 2B Brandon Phillips. 'Not really,' Jocketty said. 'We really haven’t had a chance to talk with them. Hopefully in the next few weeks, it’s something we can address.' Jocketty said he did not believe Phillips’ side had set any deadline for talks ending before the season starts."

No news on Brandon Phillips' contract extension - Red Reporter
"I'm of the opinion that if this extension were a go, it would have happened weeks ago.

The Reds have to be diplomatic about this and say all the right things like "Hopefully soon" and "We are still in talks", but the fact that it has dragged out so long gives me the impression that the team and BP are just too far apart.

It's gonna be tough to see ol' BeePerino go, but ultimately I think it would be even tougher to see him struggle to stay above replacement level in his mid-30s."