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Kansas City Royals, Alex Gordon Agree to 1-Year, $4.8M Deal

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The Kansas City Royals have signed left fielder Alex Gordon to a 1-year, $4.8 million deal, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. The deal had been rumored for a couple days now, and does not necessarily preclude the team from signing Gordon to a longer deal (though I think RoyalsFan has a right to be getting nervous about that actually happening):

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    Gordon, 27, has played 5 seasons with the Royals and maintains a career line of 262 / .343 / .434. 2009-2010 were both hard years for Gordon, playing barely 125 games combined while hitting .232 and .215. 2011 was his first 150+ game non-rookie season, and he hit .303 / .376 / .502 while picking up nearly 6 wins above replacement (that's top tier elite status, if you're counting at home).
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