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Roy Oswalt Notes: Phillies, Pirates, Red Sox

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There are eleven days until Spring Training, and free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt has still not signed on with a team. We know that he wants to play for the St. Louis Cardinals or the Texas Rangers, but it seems like he will not be getting the pay day he wants there.

Jayson Stark from ESPN reported earlier that the Philadelphia Phillies may have been shopping right hander Joe Blanton in order to re sign Oswalt. Previously, they have not been mentioned in the running for Oswalt, so them emerging could be interesting to watch.

Oswalt has already said no to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and it seems like he is doing everything he can to not sign with the Boston Red Sox. That makes sense, as he will get a one year deal, and if you are looking to get a good deal in a year, the AL East is not the place where you want to pitch.