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Injury Updates: Price, Trout, Carpenter, Longoria

Spring Training can be an odd and difficult time for reporting on injuries. A lot of guys come into camp with injuries that have been closely monitored the entire off-season only to be a non-issue, while others have injuries that go unreported until week two or three.

As such, the following list is not exhaustive but a summing up of the most notable injuries of the last few days.

Injuries of Note

Hit in the Face
  • The Orioles' Nolan Reimold was hit in the face with an Alex Cobb fastball Friday afternoon. Thankfully, the CT scan on Reimold's jaw was negative, but he may struggle to eat cheeseburgers for the near future.
  • Brad Hawpe Conor Jackson took a flyball to the face Friday afternoon after losing the ball in the sun. The Rangers' prospective fourth outfielder needed five stitches over his left eye but showed no concussive symptoms.

Back in Play: