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Olney Dishes On: Morales, Morrow, Cabrera, Lidge, Athletics


Somes notes from ESPN's Buster Olney today:

  • Olney starts out talking to an unnamed "longtime club official" about first impressions this spring. Remember it's early and nothing counts yet, so take everything with a bucket of salt. Albert Pujols is looking great, as always, but it's Kendrys Morales' progress that has everyone talking. If the Angels have Morales to protect Pujols, as the Angels front office envisioned, this lineup will be dangerous.
  • Another team Olney's source liked: the Toronto Blue Jays. Not only is there a good "vibe" around the team, but if the pitching can step up behind Ricky Romero, the offense will take care of the rest. Ace in waiting Brandon Morrow is using his curveball more this spring to set up hitters and threw 27 strikes in 33 pitches in his last start.
  • Miguel Cabrera will be playable at third base, says Olney's source. One evaluator said he has a strong arm and decent hands. If Cabrera can prove the critics of his defense wrong, the rest of the league better watch out.
  • Olney notes Washington Nationals pitcher Brad Lidge is always honest and generally understated, so his comments that the Nationals are "probably" the most talented team he's played on will be very interesting as the season goes on.
  • Two bits of news for Oakland Athletics fans. GM Billy Beane reiterated Yoenis Cespedes does not have a guaranteed spot on the A's opening day roster. Also, owner Lew Wolff said the team is not for sale after rumors of two possible suitors surfaced Sunday.