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Giants, Matt Cain Making No Progress in Extension Talks

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the San Francisco Giants' chances of reaching an agreement with Matt Cain on a contract extension before the season starts are "rapidly diminishing." The two sides reportedly failed to make any progress during talks earlier today, and there aren't any future discussions planned yet.

Both sides seem to have little interest in discussing a contract extension during the season, meaning it's likely that if they don't reach an agreement within the next few weeks, Cain could hit free agency. Cain has said that he wants "fair value" in a long-term extension, but Rosenthal writes that the Giants are "reluctant to pay Cain free-agent money a full season before he is scheduled to hit the open market."

Even if the Giants can't reach an agreement before Opening Day, they'll still have an opportunity to work out a deal with Cain at the end of this season, during their "exclusive negotiation window."