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Red Sox Interested in Erick Aybar?

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Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes this morning about how the Anaheim Angels are trying to work on a multi year extension for shortstop Erick Aybar, who becomes a free agent this off season.

If he does become a free agent, or does not sign an extension with the Angels, Cafardo mentions Aybar as an option for the Boston Red Sox, if Jose Iglesias does not look like the future. The Red Sox traded Marco Scutaro this off season, leaving them with Iglesias, Mike Aviles and Nick Punto as their shortstop options.

Aybar would be a perfect option for this season, but the Angels are not likely to trade him. But like Cafardo says, when or if he is a free agent, and Iglesias proves his inability to hit, Aybar would be a good fit. Boston has been linked to Aybar in years past as well.