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Joba Chamberlain Dislocates Ankle, May Miss Season

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UPDATE: Chamberlain reportedly lost a life-threatening amount of blood when he dislocated his ankle last night, an updated report from Anthony McCarron has stated. McCarron spoke to a specialist who said that Joba's injury could not only endanger his career but also lead to a loss of limb.

"The dislocation means the ankle bone is forced out of its socket by some sort of injury and 'open' means the skin is ripped open... This makes it not only a career-threatening injury, but a limb-threatening injury."


Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain severely dislocated his right ankle yesterday while playing with his son on a trampoline and will be out indefinitely, GM Brian Cashman announced this morning.

Chamberlain was rushed into surgery last night for what is being described as an "open dislocation" and is expected to remain in hospital for several days to recover.

The right-hander was recovering from Tommy John surgery conducted last summer and was timetabled for a June return, but now may miss the entire season.

Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News reports that Cashman was non-responsive when asked whether he thought the injury was career-threatening, but did say the injury was "very significant".

McCaron also reports that Chamberlain will undergo an MRI and CT scan on his ankle this morning.

An open dislocation (or: compound dislocation) is just about as gross as sounds, meaning that the dislocation was so bad it broke through the skin on his ankle.

Chamberlain will be in his final year of arbitration eligibility at the end of the 2012 season.

  • Twitter | @JackCurryYES
    Joba Chamberlain dislocated right ankle yesterday and had surgery last night. Cashman called it a significant injury.

  • Twitter | @JackCurryYES
    Still reflecting on just how somber Cashman was as he delivered the Joba news. The GM was definitely shaken.

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    Since the Joba Chamberlain news came out, a debate has sprung up about the wisdom employed by Mr. Chamberlain in being on that trampoline in the first place. Between the comments and Twitter, I've seen opinion range from "leave Joba alone!" to "Joba is the biggest idiot in the history of idiots.