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Bobby Jenks and Matt Bush Arrested for Hit-and-Run DUIs

Bobby Jenks Matt Bush Mug Shots
Bobby Jenks Matt Bush Mug Shots

Boston Red Sox reliever Bobby Jenks and Tampa Bay Rays prospect Matt Bush and were arrested yesterday in Florida for separate DUI hit-and-run incidents.

Jenks, who is on the 60-day DL recovering from two off-season back surgeries, was arrested in Sarasota late last night and charged with with "one count of driving under the influence, three counts of driving under the influence and damage to property, and one count of leaving the scene of a crash involving damage to property after being pulled over at an intersection", according to the Boston Herald.

Jenks allegedly exclaimed to the arresting officer that he had taken "too many muscle relaxers" and that he was driving recklessly because he had hit a car at a nightclub and "had to get out of there".

He posted bond for $4,250 at 8:45 this morning.

Rays prospect Matt Bush, 26, rear-ended then allegedly ran over the (helmeted) head of a motorcyclist at around 5pm yesterday in Charlotte County, Florida.

Bush was arrested shortly thereafter--registering a BAC of .180 (legal limit is .08)--and charged with "fleeing the scene with serious injuries, driving with a suspended license with serious injuries, DUI with serious injuries, and DUI with property damage", according to a local Florida NBC affiliate.

The former number one draft pick is now being held without bond in Charlotte County Jail and is expected to remain there until Saturday.

Whether the MLB will institute any punishment for these two players is unknown at this point.