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Joe Torre Returns to MLB Executive Office

Joe Torre has returned to his position as the executive vice president of baseball operations, MLB tweeted this evening.

Torre resigned from the position at the beginning of January to join a group bidding for ownership of the Dodgers headed by Rick Caruso, a real estate magnate.

But Caruso and Torre dropped out of the Dodgers bidding in late February because of a refusal by current owner Frank McCourt to sell away the Dodger Stadium parking lots.

Originally hired for the job in February 2011, MLB had no trouble giving Torre his old job back as they never found someone to fill his position full-time for the two months he was gone.

Torre's role at MLB includes the oversight of Major League operations, umpiring, on-field management and on-field discipline.

In addition to retaining his old responsibilities, Torre will also act as Commissioner Bud Selig's primary liaison to the league's general managers and field managers.