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Saturday Night MLBDD Open Thread: Elite Eight Edition


Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome to the Daily Dish evening open thread.

In today's big baseball news, we saw two more pitchers go down for the season before they could even get on the mound. Reds closer Ryan Madson and Astros reliever Sergio Escalona both opted for Tommy John surgery this morning to repair their ailing elbows. For those counting at home, that's three Tommy Johns just this week.

Elsewhere, March Madness is finally reaching it's apex and Louisville has already clinched their spot in the Final Four. Who do you want to see join them tonight? Ohio State or Syracuse?

With Hunger Games killing it at the box office (pun absolutely intended) and Tiger Woods making yet another run for his first PGA victory in forever, there's a wealth of topics to discuss.

The floor is now open. Let the discussions begin.