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Indians Searching for Outfielder

Jon Paul Morosi from FOX Sports is reporting that the Cleveland Indians are still searching around for a left fielder and a center fielder. They are happy with Shin Soo-Choo as their right fielder, but are not thrilled with their options in the other outfields.

Morosi says that they will only pick up either a player for center field or left field, and Michael Brantley will play the other position that they do not acquire. They also would prefer a right handed hitting center or left fielder in their search.

As far as available right handed hitting outfielders, there are not all too many of them. Some names that come to mind are Travis Snider (although he is a lefty, he is out there right now). Xavier Nady, if he is cut by the Washington Nationals, and Darnell McDonald, who seems like the best option. If the Red Sox cut him, however, the Indians won't be the only team with interest.