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Minor Moves: Snell, Lewis, Marrerro, Carter

Lots of trades, transactions and cuts from down on the farm today.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus contributes many of our notes today, as he sent out a flurry of minors-related Tweets this morning rivaling Mohammad Ali in his prime.

  • White Sox release Carter | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    >The White Sox have released once-promising RHP Dexter Carter.
  • Braves release Shafer | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Braves have released RHP Aaron Shafer, a 2nd round pick by the Cubs in 2008.

  • Mets release Rodriguez, Hebert and Powers | Twitter @AdamRubinESPN
    Mets have released OF Javier Rodriguez, RHP Michael Hebert and RHP Michael Powers from minor league camp.
  • Dodgers release Lansford, sign Smit | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Dodgers have released RHP Jared Lansford, son of Carney and 2005 2nd round pick by Oakland. The Dodgers also signed RHP Kyle Smit, their 5th round pick in 2006 who spent the last few years struggling in the Cubs system.
  • Royals release Pucetas | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Royals have released RHP Kevin Pucetas, who had a 1.86 ERA at Low-A for the Giants in 2007.

  • Reds release Fairel | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Reds have released LHP Matt Fairel, who put up some big numbers in Low-A a few years back.

  • Mariners release McOwen, Blair | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Mariners have released OF James McOwen, a sixth-round pick in 2007 who set a Cal League record w/ a 45-game hitting streak in 2009. The Mariners have released LHP Tony Butler, a 3rd round pick in 2006 who had good numbers and power stuff early in his career.

  • Twins release Osterbrock | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Twins have released LHP Daniel Osterbrock, a 2008 7th-round pick who had a 104-to-8 K/BB rate in the '08 Appy League.

  • Padres release Payne, Benschoten | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Padres have released OF Danny Payne, a 2007 supplemental 1st round pick out of Georgia Tech. The Padres also released RHP John Van Benschoten, the 8th overall pick in 2001 (Pirates). Career destroyed by arm injuries.

  • Cubs release Cam Greathouse | Twitter @Kevin_Goldstein
    The Cubs released LHP Cam Greathouse, an 8th round pick in 2010.