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The Anchorman 2 Could Be Funny Wedsnesday Night Open Thread

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Today was a fun day -- first, we had the supposed first game of the regular season, though I've seen no evidence that it actually happened. Let's just say if the game was in a box with a cat, it wouldn't matter, both would be dead. Or something.

In other news, we covered 2012's Opening Day Starters, the Christian Guzman release (and Phillies interest), Cust and Tatum to the Yanks, Casey Blake's release by the Rockies, a flurry of minor league moves, and finally, Joel Zumaya's release by the Twins.

In non-baseball news, Ron Burgundy himself just appeared on Conan O'Brien and announced Anchorman 2 is coming soon. I've already seen a number of tweets and FB comments suggesting that there's little chance the sequel will be funny (with some suggesting the original wasn't either, but those people shouldn't be trusted with entertainment recommendations anyway).

Where do you stand?