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Montero Seeks Martinez Contract

Miguel Montero (left) wants a lot of money.
Miguel Montero (left) wants a lot of money.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero, who is set to be a free agent for the first time this winter, is looking for a contract similar to the one signed by Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez. Martinez signed a four year deal worth $50 million two off seasons ago.

Heyman says that he thinks Arizona will have trouble signing Montero at that price. They could say that Martinez had his ACL tear after he signed the contract, and use that as a way to drive his price back, at least internally. If Montero does sign an extension at some point, that signs the two best free agent catchers, with Yadier Molina, back with their teams.

Montero is one of the strongest hitters in the Arizona lineup, and is an important player for them in the NL West. It could be crippling if they do not keep him.