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Extra Innings: PaulyD Project Premier Open Thread

Today was a fantastic day if you're into baseball rumors, moves, and general end-of-spring-training craziness.

The Marlins released Aaron Rowand, likely signaling the end of his career, the Indians DFA'd Rick VandenHurk, the Cubs demoted Randy Wells and Travis Wood, the Orioles made a couple moves, the Nationals signed Zach Duke, the Brewers signed just-released Jason Jaramillo, Juan Pierre made the Phillies roster, the Rangers are reportedly looking for a spork and are willing to trade relievers, and finally the Angels/Indians are closing in on a trade of Bobby Abreu as I'm writing this. Like I said, if you're into this stuff (and you are because you're here), today was heaven.

Tonight's OT is the premier of Jersey Shore graduate PaulyD's new show on MTV, The PaulyD Project, which starts in about 20 minutes. Apparently he's actually a DJ and just signed with 50-Cent (sidenote: someday we should look at the music industry and compare major/indie labels to major/minor leagues, with a special shot at fans of each), and the show follows Mr. Blowout on his tour accompanying Britney Spears. Sounds fascinating.

If none of the previous makes any sense, that's ok. This is tonight's open thread, talk about whatever you'd like.