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Angels Hunting for Lefty Relievers?

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The Los Angeles Angels are on the hunt for a left-handed reliever, according to Danny Knobler of

You can see why this might be a surprise, simply by referring to MLBDD's Complete Org Chart for the Angels:


For left handed relievers, Mike Gonzalez and Arthur Rhodes are still free agents and Matt Thornton of the Chicago White Sox is a trade candidate. Knobler added later on that many around baseball are convinced that the Angels will trade designated hitter Bobby Abreu, and says that the Angels could kill two birds with one stone. The fact that the Angels already have so much money committed to left handed relievers can make you wonder why they want more. Is there something that they know that we don't? It seems like that could be the only possible answer.

Twitter / @DKnobler: Angels are looking around ...
Angels are looking around for a LH reliever