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Baltimore Orioles Notes: Damon, Roberts, Ohman

Stare into my soul, children of Cthulhu! STARE AT ME!
Stare into my soul, children of Cthulhu! STARE AT ME!

Here's the latest out of the Baltimore Orioles, where Brian Roberts is fighting the restlessness that comes with a reduced schedule, the club is still thinking about Johnny Damon for some reason, and Michael Ohman was in a wreck yesterday:

  • Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts is still progressing and appears in good spirits despite a feeling of restlessness because of the slower-than-normal pace, according to Britt Ghiroli of There's still no definite word when he is expected back.
  • Baltimore hasn't ruled out bringing in Johnny Damon, according to Jon Heyman. This is completely consistent with their pursuit of players that nobody else wants, so it sounds completely believable.
  • Orioles catcher Michael Ohman was in an accident yesterday on the way to the mall, but was buckled up and apparently didn't lose consciousness. Britt Ghiroli is reporting that he's having right shoulder discomfort.
  • The Os are set to make their first round of cuts in the next couple of days, per Ghiroli, noting that Ohman is likely one of them.
  • Camden Chat reviews yesterday's 5-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox.
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