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Damon Unlikely to Sign with Orioles

Roch Kubatko from MASN Sports says that Johnny Damon signing with the Baltimore Orioles looks extremely unlikely. Dan Duequette, the new president of the Baltimore Orioles, said in reference to signing Damon while he was with the Boston Red Sox. "I already signed Damon when he was 28".

Damon is still a free agent after playing with the Tampa Bay Rays last season. He has been linked to the Orioles for the entire off season, but that will probably not happen now. Damon won a World Series with the New York Yankees in 2009 before signing with the Detroit Tigers in 2010, and then the Rays. While with the Tigers, Damon blocked a waiver claim from the Red Sox for a chance to return to his former club.

Though he DH'd in Tampa Bay, Damon maintains the fact that he can still play in the field, keeping himself open to the possibility of playing in the National League.