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Zach Greinke Will Wait Until Season End to Hire Agent

The Zooey Deschanel of baseball. HE'S SO INTERESTING AND QUIRKY!
The Zooey Deschanel of baseball. HE'S SO INTERESTING AND QUIRKY!

But he'll still accept offers from the Milwaukee Brewers

Hold onto your hats, Brewers fans. Zack Greinke is now saying that he will wait until the end of the season to hire an agent, according to Ken Rosenthal. This follows a report from yesterday in which Jim Bowden said Greinke will hire an agent at some point.

Rosenthal is reporting that point will be at the end of the season, assuming that Greinke makes it to free agency. What this means, both logically and according to Greinke (via Tom Haudricourt) is that he'll still field offers from the club and might still be willing to sign without an agent.

Twitter / @Ken_Rosenthal - Greinke says he is open to signing with #Brewers this spring despite having no agent. If he gets to free agency, will hire agent then. #MLB

Zack Greinke Plans to Hire Agent - Brewers GM Doug Melvin had said early last month that he wanted to work out an extension with the agent-less Greinke, and that still could be on the table. The fact that he looks to hire an agent could have no correlation to that, or it could be that he wants to have an agent negotiate for him. As the likely top free agent pitcher this off season, he could be looking for a deal north of one hundred million.