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Michael Bourn, Atlanta Braves Extension Not Likely

One potential extension candidate for the Atlanta Braves is center fielder Michael Bourn, but if there are any signs it will happen, we're not seeing them yet:

  • Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution interviewed Michael Bourn and discusses a possible contract extension for the Braves' center fielder. Bourn says there have not yet been any talks. When asked if he's willing to start extension talks during the season, he says, "No, I would rather not because that is discussions that you have to have on the phone every other day. I would rather just play the season with a clear mind and worry about the game, who is pitching, that kind of stuff rather than a deal. I would just rather concentrate on the game."
  • Mark Bowman of doesn't think the Braves will re-sign Bourn, which he discussed in a chat with fans. When asked if it could happen, Bowman said, "No. Scott Boras knows there will be a market for his client when he is eligible for free agency at the end of this year. You have to think he'll be looking for a five-year deal, and the Braves are not going to commit that long to a speed guy who will be 30 years old at the start of the contract."
  • Bourn is due to make nearly $7 million next season. Check out how the Braves might replace him internally by taking a gander at our handy-dandy Complete Org. Chart for the team.