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Edwin Jackson Did Not Receive Interest from Cardinals

Rick Hummel from the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that Edwin Jackson did not receive any off season interest from the St. Louis Cardinals, the team with which he spent the entire 2011 season with and won the World Series.

"There was no involvement with the Cardinals. Pitching wasn't a department they needed help in. Their rotation is pretty much set," Jackson said. "It was a place I wouldn't have minded going back to...but, coming into the offseason, it was never a place I realistically thought I had a chance to go back to."

Jackson was one of the biggest free agent pitchers this off season, yet he only got a one year deal with the Washington Nationals. The Cardinals had expressed interest in fell free agent right handed pitcher Roy Oswalt, but low balled him an offer and Oswalt remains unsigned and will not pitch with a team until mid season. It is a little surprising that they had zero interest in Jackson.