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Casey Close to Represent Zack Greinke?

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Sports agent Casey Close is the apparent "front runner" to represent Brewers starter Zack Greinke, a source has told Jim Bowden of ESPN.

Greinke, who is expected to make his decision on a new agent before opening day on Friday, has been representing himself since leaving CAA in December.

The former Cy Young winner has been in extension talks with the Brewers as he is coming to the end of his current four-year deal.

Reportedly, Greinke's first words as his own agent were: "I think very highly of my client."

Close, who also recently parted ways with CAA in February, was part of the team who sent Greinke to the Brewers from the Royals in late 2010.

Now working for Excel Sports Management, Close represents Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, and Derek Lee (among others).