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Victor Martinez to Return this Season?

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Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez does not need reconstructive surgery and may return this season, reports Tom Gage of The Detroit News.

Martinez underwent microfracture surgery on his left knee January 27 in what was thought to be the first step in a two surgery process to repair his ACL, but doctors have now determined Martinez does not need the second procedure.

This means that Martinez may be able to return once his recovery is complete from the late January procedure.

The seven-month recovery time from the microfracture surgery slates Martinez to learn his fate for the season in late July, when the 33-year-old will undergo an all-important follow-up MRI.

The Tigers signed Prince Fielder this offseason to fill the void expected to be left by Martinez this year. Potentially adding Martinez to the line-up down the stretch would be a huge upgrade over Andy Dirks and Ryan Raburn.

Martinez hit .330/.380/.470 in 145 games last year in his first season with the Tigers.