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Red Sox Promote Aaron Cook; Will Middlebrooks "On His Way"

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The Boston Red Sox have promoted Aaron Cook, according to a report by Rob Bradford of WEEI:

According to a major league source, the Red Sox are planning on promoting Aaron Cook to their major league 25-man roster. While the team did not summon him from the minors on May 1, thus giving him the right to request his release from his contract if not promoted to the majors within 48 hours of said request, the team does not plan on losing the 33-year-old via free agency.

As Bradford notes, this follows speculation from earlier today that the club would indeed pursue keeping Cook rather than letting him reach free agency.

At the same time, Maureen Mullen of is reporting that top prospect Will Middlebrooks is "on his way" to Boston. It is not yet clear if he'll be activated to replace an ailing Kevin Youkilis, or if he will be held in reserve.