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Twins Interested in Trading Justin Morneau?

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According to Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports, the Minnesota Twins might be interested in trading first baseman and the 2006 MLB MVP Justin Morneau. Morneau has suffered from back injuries and a concussion in the past three seasons.

Morneau is owed $14 million dollars this season and next season as well. . Morneau has a no trade clause, so he would have to approve a trade.

A team that might be interested is the Philadelphia Phillies, as they are without Ryan Howard and they have been talked about as being interested in Kevin Youkilis.

Rosenthal says that the Twins might also be looking to move closer Matt Capps, starting pitcher Carl Pavano and center fielder Denard Span, but Rosenthal says that Morneau would draw the most interest.