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Draft Links: Baseball America's Top 500, Mark Appel, Carlos Correa

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We're a week away from the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, so what better time to get a feel of the current state of the draft talent than from the people who scout and talk to executives around the league than now? Let's check out the latest draft links from around the web:

  • Baseball America posted their MLB Draft Top 500 today. It's a free link, but to read the scouting reports for each and everyone, you'll need to be a subscriber. Nonetheless, Baseball America has high school senior Byron Buxton as #1 with college players Michael Zunino, Kyle Zimmer, Mark Appel and Kevin Gausman following the Georgia product.
  • Now is also a good time to see how much money your favorite team (and all others) are allowed to spend this year in the draft (via Baseball America). With the new CBA, things will get interesting as far as how teams decide to draft. The pool is for the first 10 rounds of the draft.
  • Jason Churchill of ESPN writes about the improving stock of Stanford's Mark Appel, who projects to be a top draft pick in this draft. Churchill also examines the recent stock/performances of other notable names such as Michael Zunino of Florida and Carlos Correa from the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy.