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Dodgers Have Money to Spend, Expect All Out Effort for Cole Hamels

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According to Danny Knobler from CBS Sports, with the Los Angeles Dogers new ownership group, we should expect all out effort from them this off season to sign to-be free agent left handed pitcher Cole Hamels.

Hamels, currently on the Philadelphia Phillies, will be the top free agent pitcher this off season. The Dodgers have seen financial struggles in the past few years, but with new ownership they will be able to show their might.

One rival club official said the Dodgers are saying they will do whatever they can to sign him. However, they might try to flex their muscle this July as well for the MLB trading deadline.

Knobler said that the Dodgers could look for a starting pitcher at this deadline, especially with Ted Lilly hurt and some other minor injuries with their staff. A position player suggested was Boston Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis.