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Toronto Blue Jays Sign D.J. Davis, Mitch Nay

The Toronto Blue Jays have signed first-round draft pick D.J. Davis, Mitch Nay and 20 other draft picks reports Jim Callis of Baseball America.

In Callis' initial tweet, he reported Davis signed for $1.75 million, $250K below MLB's recommended slot signing bonus for that pick. Callis later tweeted Nay's signing bonus, which was over MLB's recommended bonus roughly by that margin, so it looks the money saved on Davis went to Nay.

D.J. Davis, an outfielder from Stone County High School, is a "raw, high-risk outfielder, an 80 runner" writes ESPN's Keith Law, while Mitch Nay (also a high school player) has plus-plus raw power and projects as a right fielder or first baseman in pro ball.

Among the 20 other draft signings was 60th overall draft pick Tyler Gonzales, who reportedly had already signed according to our MLB Draft First-Round Signings Tracker. If you haven't already, we highly recommend bookmarking that link as it is updated multiple times everyday.