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Chicago Cubs Sign Pierce Johnson

The Chicago Cubs have signed first-round supplemental draft pick Pierce Johnson, reports, well no other than the very own Pierce Johnson himself (via Twitter) of course. According to Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game USA, the Cubs signed Pierce Johnson close to or right at MLB's recommended slot signing bonus of $1.196 million for the 43rd overall pick.

"Just signed with the Chicago Cubs! Thanks to God, family, teammates, coaches, and friends. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here!"

ESPN's Keith Law warns about the 21-year-old Johnson's injury history, but sees a number two starter ceiling -- if Johnson can avoid injuries. That's because of his pitching arsenal and results the former Missouri State right-handed pitcher had in his college career.

The Cubs still have a pair of other first-round draft picks they will try to get signed in 6th overall selection Albert Almora and Paul Blackburn, the 56th overall draft pick.