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Houston Astros, Lance McCullers Agree To Deal

The Houston Astros and supplemental first-round draft pick Lance McCullers have agreed to a deal, reports Jim Callis of Baseball America. The deal is worth $2.5 million, which is roughly $1.24 million more than Major League Baseball's recommended slot signing bonus for McCullers.

Essentially, McCullers received a bonus as if he were taken 12th or 13th in the draft. They were able to pay McCullers a huge amount over slot because of the team's savings on first-overall draft pick Carlos Correa. Even after the signing, the Astros still have about $1.3 million remaining to spend in their draft pool.

McCullers is a right-handed pitcher out of Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. By signing, he will forgo his scholarship to Florida University. ESPN scouts profile him as a starter that can have three future plus pitches and be a number two starter for a big league team. While he does have high upside, he has high risk as well.