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Orioles Rumors: Mark Reynolds "More Than Available"


Baltimore Orioles corner infielder Mark Reynolds is "more than available" to teams looking for a right-handed bat, reports Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. It’s been reported that the Orioles are targeting established starting pitching this summer and we found out yesterday that they will "absolutely" be buyers.

Cafardo notes that with the availability of Reynolds, Kevin Youkilis wasn’t the only popular corner infielder out there. While he admits Reynolds strikes out a ton and isn’t as good defensively as Youkilis, Cafardo says the 28-year-old’s power could intrigue contending teams.

After getting off to a slow start to the season, both offensively and defensively, Reynolds has improved. A shift to first base has helped him defensively, and Reynolds has maintained an OPS of .863 this month after posting an OPS of 1.042 over his 12 games in May.

On the season, Reynolds has hit at a clip of .226/.345/.409 with six home runs, 12 doubles and 22 RBIs. While he’s averaged more than 200 strikeouts over the past four seasons, Reynolds can take a walk and has hit 44, 32 and 37 home runs from 2009-11.