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Jim Thome Rumors: Yankees, Rays, Orioles and Rangers


While he doesn’t believe there are any perfect scenarios, Buster Olney of ESPN offers a few teams other than the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox with which Philadelphia Phillies slugger could fit, including the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

Jayson Stark reported that the Philadelphia Phillies have let it be known to AL teams that they're willing to trade Jim Thome, but that Thome's preferred destinations – the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox – are probably not in play, because of Travis Hafner and Adam Dunn, respectively.

So what are some alternatives?

It's safe to say there are no perfect fits, if Thome wants to play the rest of the season for a contender.

Stark reported last night that the Phillies are making Thome available to American League teams. Philadelphia’s general manager, Ruben Amaro Jr., admitted that the club is at least open to the possibility of trading Thome.

Olney believes the Orioles represent the best fit with primary designated hitter Nick Johnson hitting the disabled list yesterday. Thome could offer the Rays an upgrade over Hideki Matsui, and Olney sees an opening on the Rangers’ roster for the 41-year-old.

While Olney thinks Thome would fit extremely well in Yankee Stadium, he doesn’t see a clear opening for the veteran if Brett Gardner returns when expected and Raul Ibanez is pushed to full-time DH.