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Bill Maher Becomes New York Mets Minority Owner

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The New York Mets search for groups and/or individuals interested in becoming minority owners for the Mets franchise has been well documented over the past year. The most recent individual to purchase a stake is humorist and political commentator Bill Maher, who confirmed to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York that he's purchased an ownership stake in the New York Mets and is now a new minority owner of the organization. The 56-year-old Mahr is a New York native and a lifelong Mets fan.

"I think it's a great investment," he added. "I think it's a great team that I've been rooting for since they came into existence, which was soon after I came into existence."

When asked about the percentage he owns of the franchise, Maher dodged the question and told ESPN New York's Adam Rubin "Oh, we don't talk about things like that."