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Dodgers, Rockies Interested in John Lannan

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The Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies have had recent discussions with the Washington Nationals about left-hander John Lannan but are not close to a trade, sources have informed Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

Despite months of back and forth with prospective trade partners, the Nationals' asking price for Lannan is still high, reportedly asking the interested parties to both cover Lannan's remaining salary -- $3.5 million -- and give up one "legitimate player". While the Rockies have been turned off some by the asking price, the Dodgers are still in preliminary talks with the Nationals.

Prevalent in trade rumors since spring training and even more so since his demotion to Triple-A Syracuse at the start of the season, Lannan has not helped his cause much this year. The 27-year-old lefty has amassed a 5.63 ERA in 10 minor league starts and struck out only 4.5 batters per nine.

In his four full seasons with the Nationals, Lannan has a 4.00 ERA over an average of 179 innings a year, but has a troubling 1.45 SO/BB ratio.

The Rockies have been on the search for lefty starting pitching help since releasing Jamie Moyer earlier this week, actively pursuing free agent Jeff Francis in addition to Lannan. The Dodgers could acquire as an alternative to the injured, and aging, Ted Lilly.