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Twins Rumors: Morneau, Capps, Liriano, Pavano and Span


Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune believes the Minnesota Twins recent resurgence shouldn’t alter the club’s plans to sell this summer. Souhan offers his opinion on which players the Twins should keep and who they should trade. Among those mentioned are Justin Morneau, Matt Capps, Carl Pavano, Denard Span, Josh Willingham and Francisco Liriano.

Souhan believes part of the reason the Twins are in the situation they’ve been in for the past two years is because they were unable to trade players at the right time.

Souhan says Minnesota should have traded Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel and Joe Nathan last season before all left via free agency. He believes the Twins should have pulled the trigger earlier on trades for Liriano and Delmon Young and that they should have waited a little longer before trading Johan Santana.

Among the players that Souhan believes the Twins should definitely trade are Span, Capps, Liriano and Pavano. Minnesota should get what they can for Liriano, Pavano and Capps, says Souhan, while he believes the Twins have the organizational outfield depth that warrants a Span trade.

Souhan thinks the Twins should hold onto several players including Ryan Doumit, Jamey Carroll, Josh Willingham, Glen Perkins and Jared Burton.

The one player that Souhan believes will be a test for Twins general manager Terry Ryan is former American League MVP Justin Morneau. Souhan says that if the Twins can land the right pitcher for Morneau, Ryan should cut ties with the sluggers.