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Mark Appel Leaning Against Signing with Pirates


Right-hander Mark Appel, selected 8th overall in this June’s MLB Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates, is leaning against signing with the club, reports Jon Heyman of

Heyman notes that Appel is comfortable returning to Stanford for another season, graduating and then entering the 2013 MLB Draft.

Appel was expected by some to go first overall this summer, but he ultimately slipped to the Pirates, owners of the eighth selection. Based on the new draft allotment system, the Pirates have roughly $3.8 million to spend on Appel.

Pittsburgh can go over this a bit, pushing the $4 million mark, but they will face financial penalties if they do so. If they disregard this limit and go beyond $4 million, they would lose a pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

Heyman and Jim Callis of Baseball America are both hearing that the Pirates are not willing to surrender a pick in order to sign Appel. Heyman adds that Appel’s father is a lawyer with Chevron, "so he has the luxury to wait if he prefers."

The deadline to sign is July 13.


Should the Pirates surrender a pick to sign Appel?