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Giants Rumors: San Francisco Seeking Offense

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San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean would like to add a power bat this summer, but he’s not sure if there will be much to find on the trade market, reports Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"I’m not sure we have enough," he said. "But having said that, I don’t know where there would be a significant upgrade. In a perfect world we’d like to have more power, and I don’t know if that exists."

The Giants are currently tied for last in the league in home runs with 51. To put that into context, Josh Hamilton and Jose Bautista have combined to hit three more home runs this season than the entire Giants team.

San Francisco is also 24th in the bigs in runs scored and 18th in on base percentage (.318). The Giants have received especially poor production from their middle infielders, second basemen have posted an OPS of only .564 while Giants’ shortstops have maintained a mark of .660.

Sabean added that whatever move(s) the Giants make this summer, they will have to be significant upgrades that carry into the future. He is not interested in making another Zack Wheeler/Carlos Beltran-type swap, according to Schulman.

"Anything we have do has to be significant upgrade and take us into the future," Sabean said. "As we talk to clubs, more and more clubs sound interested in protecting their assets, their prospects."


Do the Giants need to add a bat this summer?