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Red Sox Rumors: Boston Could Trade "Sooner Than Later"

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While the Boston Red Sox have made several high-profile trades in the last minutes of past July 31 non-waiver trade deadlines, Sean McAdam of believes the club could make moves "sooner rather than later" this year, especially when it comes to their surplus of outfielders.

While at least two of the three outfielders who could be moved still have options remaining and could be stashed at Pawtucket short-term, it behooves the club to move one (or more) sooner rather than later.

McAdam notes that Scott Podsednik, who was recently optioned to Triple-A after being activated from the disabled list, has skills sets (speed, on base ability, defense) that are "perpetually in demand by clubs looking to improve their depth for the final two months."

Another player that’s increased his value this season to a point where, in McAdam’s opinion, it’s never been higher is Daniel Nava. Some scouts continue to argue that Nava is "better suited as a depth option off the bench rather than an everyday contributor," but McAdam believes there would be "no shortage of demand" for the 29-year-old.

McAdam also believes the Red Sox could cash in on 27-year-old Ryan Sweeney, who’s shown some pop this season (17 doubles) and can play all three outfield positions.

With the pending returns of outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford, the Red Sox will have to make some room on their roster, and McAdam believes all three players mentioned above could become trade chips.


Which outfielders should the Red Sox trade?