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Phillies Rumors: Philly not Trading Major Pieces Anytime Soon

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While they traded veteran players Chad Qualls and Jim Thome this weekend, the Philadelphia Phillies will not be trading any major pieces anytime soon, reports Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The rumor du jour — and be ready for this, because it'll be a long July — was the Phillies were at least listening to potential offers for anything and anyone. Well that makes perfect sense. These Phillies are 11 games back and nine games under .500. It's harder to believe a run will happen by the day.

But the Phillies will not be trading any major piece anytime soon. It's as simple as that.

It was reported yesterday that the Phillies were starting to field calls for Hamels, and Gelb notes they have several other veteran players that could potentially be made available, including Ty Wigginton, Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton and Juan Pierre.

Still, Gelb doesn’t see the Phillies making any major moves in the near future. Jayson Stark of ESPN agrees, saying Philadelphia is expected to wait until Roy Halladay and Ryan Howard return from injury before they unload players such as Hamels.


Should the Phillies begin their fire sale now or hold off?


Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. seemed to confirm this sentiment when he told Gelb today that his goal "is to try to continue to contend this year, to try to win the National League East." Amaro Jr. added a second goal, which involves locking Hamels up long term.

"These aren't things we discuss or talk about in front of other people," Amaro said, "but our goals are always the same. Our goal is to try to continue to contend this year, to try to win the National League East. If we can't do that, we want to be a playoff club.

"Our other goal, frankly, is to keep Hamels in our uniform, short term and long term."